Power Management Solutions In The Midwest

Power Management Solutions, Inc. is a full-service one-stop provider of power protection and power distribution solutions. Our core group of power technology professionals provides power solution system design, power solution specification, and power protection service expertise. A PMS Power solution enables you to meet the power quality requirements of your critical electronic systems with confidence.

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Power Management Solutions

Power Management Solutions generates POWER. An extra jolt from PMS gives you the power protection you need. With PMS Power you’re in CHARGE with reliable power protection solutions to keep your single-phase applications, three-phase applications and emergency lighting systems CHARGED. Plug your critical electrical equipment into the surge protection of a PMS Power solution.

PMS Power gives you a firm grip on your business productivity by providing the power protection and distribution your system needs. In the event of power failure, PMS gives an extra jolt of power for a graceful system shutdown. Improper shutdown of equipment can damage hardware, corrupt information, and lead to valuable loss of time, causing work progress delay. At PMS Power, we realize the importance of keeping your system up and running and will provide the power solution that’s best for your system.

With the power of knowledge, PMS Power selects the power solution fitting to your specific power challenges. PMS Power has a full line of power protection specialists with over 35 years experience in power protection. As knowledge is power, our electrical technicians are fully trained and certified in all power services, from uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to battery backup systems and power distribution.

PMS Power provides a full line of power protection and power quality solutions to bring you the best power protection solution possible. PMS Power is your power protection resource, specializing in uninterruptable power supply service from UPS battery backup to UPS battery replacement. Our in house power protection capabilities allow us to offer competitive power protection pricing specifically designed with your bottom line in mind. From power specification to power system installation, PMS Power has the cost effective power solution to keep your business productivity at its best.

As power quality and power protection are absolutely essential, PMS Power provides lifelong technical support before, during, and after all power solution installations. While power problems can never be completely eliminated, PMS Power is your surge protector providing the power protection solution for your unique power challenge. Contact Power Management Solutions today and plug-in to a PMS power solution.