There are certainly a lot of choices. May we suggest a UPS that provides you with the following?

An internal computer-grade isolation transformer providing electrical noise attenuation and power conditioning.

Extended battery backup time, without the need for additional cabinetry.

Nominal input voltage options from 120 VAC to 600 VAC, with conversion to the exact nominal output voltage needed, even in bypass.

A secure maintenance bypass system that assures a fully in-sync transfer, and allows maintenance to be performed without shutdown. An information-rich color monitor with an easy-to-use, high resolution touch-screen display.

Full network communications, including options for Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP’IP, MODBUS 465.

Output distribution options where you decide the exact receptacles and/or breakers supplied.

If some or all of these features are on your “must include” UPS checklist, don’t compromise! Choose the “Model ES” Uninterruptible Power System … the complete, integrated back-up power solution!