Prevent Costly Accidents with UL & NEMA-Rated Cords

Certain industries require a constant supply of power. Any momentary loss of electricity is disastrous. In the case of the healthcare industry, a momentary loss of power to life-support systems would be unthinkable. Uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS, provide a critical safeguard against power loss from electrical emergencies, like downed lines or an overloaded transformer.

But what about accidental power loss?

Installing locking electrical cords prevent loss of power resulting from a patient, visitor, nurse or even a doctor accidentally loosening electrical cables. Power Management Solutions carries a variety of locking electrical cords designed for NEMA and UL connections.

Locking cordsets are easy to operate. Auto-Lock® cords engage with no extra user input. No special tools are required to use the Auto-Lock® feature. When used correctly, the Auto-Lock® supports up to 30lbs of pressure without giving way. To disengage, simply pull back the red tabs and remove the connection from the electrical socket.

Hospital-Grade Locking Cordsets

Locking cords rated for hospitals feature a green dot, a trademark of UL for hospital-grade equipment. Underwriters Labs applies very strict standards to hospital equipment, ensuring durability and conductivity. Green-dot electrical cords are proven to operate at peak efficiency even under stress.

Hospital-grade locking cords are available in either 6’ or 10’ lengths with a NEMA 5-15P male-to-C13 female connection and Auto-Lock® functionality. The three-conductor cords are 10A-125V rated.

Locking Cords for IT and Other Applications

Locking cordsets are available in lengths from 3’ to 8’ 2”. These locking cords ensure you will never accidentally disconnect computers, servers or any other equipment requiring a steady, prolonged current. Cords with the following male-to-female connections are available from Power Management Solutions:

  • NEMA 5-15P to C13; 3’ or 6’ in length
  • NEMA 5-15P to C19; 8’ 2” in length
  • C14 to C13; 1m or 2m in length
  • All cords employ Auto-Lock® technology

Both the NEMA 5-15P and C14 male connectors will work in nearly every standard electrical outlet in North America. The 10-amp C13 female connector is the most common connector used in computer power supplies and other household electronics.

16-amp C19 female connectors are common on Enterprise-class servers, and were also used on older PowerMac machines and Cisco power supplies.

Simple, Safe & Secure

You’ve done a lot to ensure your electrical integrity from the outside by installing UPS systems and even redundant generators. Have you done enough to prevent an accident from the inside? When power failure is not an option, you need an electrical cord designed to prevent costly and dangerous accidents. For unquestioned reliability, choose an Auto-Lock® locking electrical power cord from PMS.

For IT- and hospital-grade electrical components, contact the power supply experts at Power Management Solutions today.