Micro Transfer Switches

The distribution of power within a datacenter or telcom is critical. PMS offers the latest in technology for “in the rack” power distribution and automatic transfer of power for redundancy. In addition, the Starline Busway system offers the most flexible, safe power distribution system in the industry. PMS can help you develop the most efficient and flexible power distribution system for your application.

PMS Power offers an extensive line of power management products featuring turnkey power distribution systems for data centers, network-telecom closets, and medical equipment. Our power management products include the world’s smallest and most efficient 15A capable Automatic Transfer Switch, the Zonit Micro ATS. This transfer switch seamlessly shifts power between the normal supply and the backup supply in case of power loss. The device is capable of providing up to 92% of the reliability of a dual power supply set up but at a much lower cost. Use this product to power an individual device or a 15A plug strip. This automatic transfer switch can also be used to connect devices with more than one power supply to multiple power sources.

Buy the Zonit Micro ATS below and shop for all your power management supply needs from your trusted source online.

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