Locking Cordsets


Power Management Solutions, Inc’s locking electrical cords meet all UL, NEMA and CSA requirements. Underwriters Laboratories applies stringent tests to check the durability and conductivity of the hospital grade power cords to make sure they operate at peak levels. When UL approves a locking electrical power cord or any other product line, it is stamped with a green dot which is a trademark of UL hospital grade cords.

All our locking cord sets are UL approved and have the green dot stamp of approval. Having a UL approved hospital grade power cord is essential in a hospital setting. Locking electrical cords are connected to critical computers, monitoring equipment, and other machinery designed to support the life of a patient. Moving equipment around by a nurse, doctor, visitor, or even the patient could inadvertently cause the electrical power cord to become loose and fall out of the socket. The results could be devastating, especially for life supporting systems without backup battery systems installed. Hospitals are required to use UL hospital grade electrical cords to ensure a secure connection. These locking cord sets are also used in other settings where it is critical power is not lost, including computers and servers.

Our hospital grade power cords work with any outlet and do not require any special tools for hook up. They use an internal patented locking mechanism, hooking to the pins in power supply inlets. They are resistant to any pulling force unless the auto-lock mechanism is released. When the hospital grade power cord is connected, it will resist a tremendous amount of force. However, when the locking mechanism is intentionally released, the electrical power cord will easily come out.

Contact the locking electrical cordset and hospital grade power cord experts at Power Management Solutions, Inc if you require more information.

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