Electrical Multi-meter


The MTP 1025 Electrical Multimeter is an affordable professional tool for anyone from an experience electrician to the DIY person working at home. This is the right meter for the job because it is easy to use and gives accurate readings.

Test AC and DC

The MTP 1025 allows for testing of AV and DC currents, resistance, frequency and more.

One of the smallest, easy to use Multimeters available- MTP 1025

  • Non contact voltage detector, continuity test
  • Flashlight, diode check
  • Digital multimeter, double molded housing
  • 200 mA fused protection
  • Resistance, capacitance, frequency
  • AC/DC voltage and current, duty cycle
  • Weight: 145g
  • Size (L x W x D) mm: 120 x 55 x 40
If you need more information about the MTP 1025 Electrical Multi-Meter, contact us and we’ll answer your questions.
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