Power Management

Powerware Software Suite

Every Powerware Software Suite offers a complete set of power management software solutions. We also offer an extended suite of software options designed for specialized needs.

  • Bundled free-of-charge with all Powerware UPSs
  • Software wizard guides you through software selection and installation

In addition to multimedia demonstrations, product data sheets, and video clips, the Software Suite CD contains the following power management software:

  • LanSafe and CheckUPS: Network shutdown for UPSs
  • OnliNet® (Vista and Centro): SNMP-based network shutdown and monitoring for UPSs
  • PowerVision® (30-day trial version): UPS performance analysis and monitoring
  • FORESEER® (Demonstration): Facility and data center management
LanSafe Network Shutdown for UPSs

LanSafe is Powerware’s software solution that allows you to establish a prioritized, sequential shutdown of all network devices and most popular client/server applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Preserve data integrity system-wide with automatic, unattended network shutdown during an extended power failure
  • Reduce cost-per-device for power protection with UPS Groups
  • Receive system-wide control via cross-platform functionality and support for other manufacturers’ UPSs
  • Test all networked UPSs from one node
  • Determine overall operating environment with extensive graphical displays
  • Stay informed of power problems by e-mail
  • Analyze your conditions with voltage logging
  • Conserve power by means of scheduled on/off times
OnliNet® Centro and Vista Software SNMP-based Network Shutdown and Monitoring for UPSs

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic, unattended shutdown via SNMP
  • View all network UPSs on a single screen
  • Manage and monitor one, several, or all network UPSs
  • Diagnose chronic power problems through event logs
  • Automatic, unattended shutdown of UPSs
  • Graphical representation of system and UPS paging and e-mail capabilities

Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch (uATS)

PMS Power’s product line features the Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch (uATS), the world’s smallest and most efficient 15A capable Automatic Transfer Switch for data center equipment. The Zonit Micro ATS is a zero “U” self mounting device that is designed to auto-switch the power fed to Electronic Data Processing equipment.