UPS Battery Problems

What can go wrong with batteries?

  • Condition Cause Plate separation Repeated cycling (charging and discharging), damage during handling and shipping, and overcharging
  • Grid corrosion – Normal aging, operating in an acidic environment and high temperatures Internal short circuit Heat (plates expand causing shorts), separator failure, handling and shipping, and grid corrosion
  • External short circuit – Human error (shorting terminals) and leaks
  • Sulfation of plates – Sitting discharged for an extended period, not on charge or being undercharged
  • Excessive gassing – Often due to high temperatures or overcharging
  • Drying out – Excessive gassing, high temperatures or overcharging corrosion and identifying bad batteries before they can affect the rest of the string

Even though sealed batteries are sometimes referred to as maintenance-free, they still require scheduled maintenance and service. Maintenance-free simply refers to the fact that they do not require fluid.

Without regular maintenance your UPS battery may experience heat-generating resistance at the terminals, improper loading, reduced protection and premature failure. With proper maintenance, the end of battery life can be accurately estimated and replacements scheduled without unexpected downtime or loss of backup power.

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