Which UPS Is Right For You?

Powerware’s approach to power protection revolves around the nine most common power problems present in any work environment. You can choose from a variety of power protection devices with varying levels of effectiveness and price that will shield critical data and equipment from some or all of the 9 power problems.

There are three types of UPS: Series 3, Series 5 and Series 9. To choose the UPS that is right for your customer, first determine the level of power protection that is needed. It is obvious that the ideal is to provide the full protection from all power problems afforded by a Powerware Series 9 UPS. But there may be applications where the power quality is known to be high, or where the load is not considered critical, or where budget considerations force a compromise.

Series 3 UPS

Series 3 UPSs offer a low-price solution to environments requiring minimal power protection. Utility power is provided during normal operation. Harmonic distortion present in the utility line passes through to the load.Series

Series 5 UPS

Series 5 UPSs provide basic power protection at mid range prices. Line-interactive UPSs provide more voltage regulation than off-line. Harmonic distortion, however, passes through unaffected.

Series 9 UPS

Series 9 UPSs are ideally suited to protect critical equipment. Online UPSs protect against all types of power problems and continuously use the inverter to create clean, new, regulated power. Harmonic distortion, no matter how high, cannot pass through to the load.

Powerware Series 9 UPSs isolate equipment from harmonic distortion and are strongly recommended for critical applications that must meet the 5% maximum harmonic requirement stated in major computer manufacturer specifications and installation guides.