Power Solution Services

Power Management Solutions, Inc. provides power solution service as reliable as the power protection products we sell. From design consultation to installation management, from high-availability preventative care to corrective follow up protecting your investment and safeguarding you against unexpected downtime, PMS Power offers complete power solution service in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan.

PMS Power is dedicated to providing services reflecting customer needs by exceeding expectations, ensuring reliability, and maintaining confidence. Our dedicated field service staff delivers unsurpassed support for a wide array of power equipment manufacturers. Our business partners and their employees have gone through extensive power protection training and have met strict criteria to ensure the level of power solution service they provide meets the PMS Power standards of excellence.

PMS Power specializes in:

  • Design Specifications
  • Implementation Planning
  • Installation Management
  • Non-standard Runtime Configuration
  • Service Calls 5X16
  • Phone Support

The PMS POWER Results:

Rapid response to power emergency calls, reduced mean time to repair (MTTR), personalized service, and budget-friendly cost structures.

To deliver service above and beyond the standard, PMS power service plans offer an assertive approach to stop power problems before they occur. The PMS power service plan offers comprehensive service coverage, designed to prevent potential downtime through a rigorous maintenance regimen.

The PMS Power service plan provides:
  • Power problem prevention, rather than just repair
  • Early detection and response to critical power problems
  • Power System Service delivered at your convenience
  • Optimal system uptime
  • Valuable performance data
  • No maintenance expense “surprises”
The PMS Service plan includes:
  • 5x16 corrective maintenance coverage
  • 5x16 annual performance check
  • Annual power protection audit
  • 5x16 remote monitoring advance response service
  • Monthly UPS performance report

Power Management Solutions


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