Power Quality Audit Service

The PMS Power Quality Audit Service in Wisconsin – Illinois – Indiana – Michigan – Minnesota is a power quality analysis focused on examining the electrical infrastructure of your building, the foundation upon which you run all of your information technology equipment. PMS Power Quality Audit Service is designed to increase the overall availability of your computing system and evaluate your facility in a proactive manner, while identifying and correcting existing power anomalies.

Anticipating power quality problems before they occur is the most pro-active approach to ensure your facility is up and running around the clock. In today’s environment, around the clock operations equate to continuous uptime, therefore power interruptions occurring for even just a few seconds are unacceptable. With proper planning, bad power and power-related infrastructure problems can be avoided. PMS Power Quality Audits include thorough equipment checks and overall power safety from safety codes to safety common sense to prevent power interruptions. The facility itself can be easy to overlook, yet in some cases it is the root of your power problem. PMS Power performs complete equipment checks inspecting your facility and identifying the impact it has on your operation. Our PMS Certified Power Quality Engineers will pinpoint the causes of costly system failures by performing a comprehensive site analysis of your electrical distribution.

Upon completion of a PMS power quality audit, you will receive a customized power quality report. The PMS power quality report reviews your power system, pinpoints potential or current power problem areas, and provides an action plan detailing recommendations concerning your specific power system. PMS Power also offers power management products like the Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch to keep your data center equipment up and running.

Whether you have never had your facility inspected or it has been a few years since your last inspection, now is a good time to consider the benefits of a PMS Power Quality Audit. As your business is too critical to go unchecked, take advantage of our proven method designed to assess your critical power needs by scheduling your PMS Power Quality Audit today.