UPS Preventative Maintenance Solutions

PMS Power based in Wisconsin stretching to Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan offers preventative maintenance solutions help ensures your system functions when you need it most. By maximizing UPS efficiency and uptime and helping prevent load loss, a PMS Power preventative maintenance solution keeps your sensitive electrical equipment up and running.

The PMS preventative maintenance solution maximizes reliability by adding another layer of power protection redundancy, extends product life cycle optimizing your capital expenditure, and provides risk management at a fixed cost, which allows for accurate budget projections. A PMS Power preventative maintenance solution offers you a firmer grip on your business environment through foresight and management, rather than by reacting to electrical misfortunes.

With a PMS Power preventative maintenance solution, you can plan for scheduled downtime to eliminate work progress delay and valuable time loss. PMS will analyze the conditions under which your UPS operates to ensure environment consistency with manufacturer product operating specifications.

Our network of electrical service technicians are factory trained and certified, which allows us to dispatch electrical specialists without having to first consult the manufacturer. With certified power technicians, PMS Power is able to maximize your uptime saving you precious time and money. Because the best time to catch an equipment failure is before it occurs, we offer a variety of preventative maintenance services that enable us to pinpoint potential power problems and prevent downtime of your unit.

PMS quality preventative maintenance service includes:

  • Inspection of all connections for tightness and heat discoloration
  • Calibration of all metering and protective features
  • Functional testing of all transfer conditions
  • Inspection of on-line performance of equipment with load
  • Installation of system upgrades where applicable
  • Review of alarm status, history, and upgrade status
  • Examination of interfaces to other power train equipment
  • Load testing and inspection of batteries
  • Cleaning of foreign material and dust from internal compartments
  • Written evaluation providing you a history of your equipment performance

Contact our power management solutions company to extend your product life cycle and add a layer of redundancy to your electronic products.