UPS Repair Service and Maintenance

UPS’ are crucial in helping to safeguard technical, large office, and industrial IT applications. As maintaining the proper working function of your uninterruptible power system can prevent costly downtime, PMS Power based in Wisconsin stretching to Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan offers the power solution to keep your system up and running. From single-phase to three-phase UPS’, our factory-trained service technicians are qualified to meet your uninterruptable power systems’ power protection service and power maintenance needs. To provide quality precise power protection service, PMS offers an extensive range of power protection service and power system maintenance options, including 5x16 service. PMS Power experienced, factory-trained power service staff is on call to offer you 24/7 power protection service to get your equipment up and running as quick as possible. As part of the PMS quality power protection service solution, PMS Power provides high-quality engineering services, including product solutions and complete on-site installation and power system maintenance.

PMS Power UPS Repair Service will:

  • Engineer, install or remove system solutions
  • Furnish all AC or DC products and installation nationwide
  • Install customer-specific equipment

Certified and Authorized UPS Power Repair and Service Provider

PMS Power has been manufacturer certified and trained by leading manufacturers to provide reliable power system installation and maintenance services in Wisconsin – Illinois – Indiana – Michigan – Minnesota. PMS also offers on-line AC and DC power quality services, including power startup for single-phase and three-phase AC and DC power systems.
For more information about PMS Onsite UPS system repair, email us at, or call us at 1-715-544-4895.